Our Estate

In the heart of the “Haute Vallée de l’Aude” and the Cathar Country, near Limoux, at the begining of the Pyrenees, the estate was founded by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint-Polycarpe in the 13th century.

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The estate is cultivated by Aigline de Causans and Laurent Maffeïs, peasant winemakers. In a setting that promotes biodiversity, our 7 hectares of vines are surrounded by woods, meadows and streams. Conducted in Organic Agriculture, our vines are worked with our three draft horses

An Ecological viticulture

In organic farming, our vines receive no weedkillers or synthetic pesticides. In symbiosis between plants, humans and animals, we work with our three draft horses (Rustica, Colette and Carolus) to limit the effect of compaction and thus promote soil life, while reducing our dependence on oil. . And with sheep grazing in the vines in winter.
Our plots are surrounded by woods mixing white and green oaks and arbutus trees, but also companion of the vine such as the pine and the almond tree. This favors a great biodiversity which regulates the pests of the vine, in particular thanks to the numerous birds and bats.

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A clay-sandstone soil of altitude

Scaled around 300m above sea level, our vines benefit from both the Mediterranean sunshine and the freshness that descends from the Pyrenees, two influences typical of the terroir of the Haute Aude Valley, the highest vineyard in Languedoc. The cool nights in summer thus favor the complexity of the aromas of the grapes. Our vines are planted in clay-limestone soils on mother rocks of sandstone, which give the estate its name.

Meticulous vinification

We take care to harvest healthy grapes with a reasonable potential alcoholic degree, in order to bring freshness and vivacity to the wines. The harvest is done by hand in small boxes to preserve the quality of the grapes up to the cellar. Our wines ferment thanks to the indigenous yeasts naturally present in the plots. This increases the typicity of each of our cuvées and the diversity of their aromas.
We seek to limit the use of sulfur by impeccable cellar hygiene and constant monitoring of wines.